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  1. by Elena

    Руслан, спасибо Вам ОГРОМНОЕ за шикарные фотографии!!!! Слава Богу, что нашим фотографом на свадьбе были именно Вы! Удачи Вам и благословений! 😀

  2. by Igor & Dasha

    Ruslan is great photographer, he took pictures that we want to watch again and again. He is energetic and professional. He enjoys what he does and his creativity is endless. Thank you Ruslan. I recommend him!

  3. by Ivan & Dina Haroshka

    Photographed our wedding to with style, hard working ethic and most of all – care.
    Always on time, ready to go and full of energy. Our special day has been very smooth and flowing with every important moment captured. I recommend Ruslan for your wedding just because you will be pleased with the product and atmosphere around his work.
    Again, Thank you.

  4. by Igor&Oksana

    Very professional and great pictures!!! We spent a great day working with you, Ruslan! Our wedding was a best day ever, and you helped us to capture this day forever on those beautiful pictures! Thank You!!!

  5. by Andrew & Angela Birisan

    The photographs turned out great! From the engagement photos all the way through the wedding photos. Everything looked amazing! Ruslan was an artist with his cannon! He was unique in the fact that he made a personal slide, we enjoyed it very much. Mr. Pakura was very great to work with. Professional, yet fun and creative. We got great comments of him from all our bridal party. He is a GREAT photographer and the best money for value photographer in all of Scaramento. We highly Recommend. Thank you Ruslan. May you and your family be blessed.

  6. by Alex & Tanya Perevozchikov

    Amazing pictures!! More than what we expected! The photographer makes you laugh even when at the end of the day you can’t feel your cheeks! Captures the good moments when guests are enjoying themselves! Absolutely 100% satisfied with the work done! The presentation was awesome too, it takes the place of a old photo album but with nice music and an upbeat!! I would recommend to everyone!!! Love his work!!

  7. by Nicole Barbashevich

    Ruslan is the most amazing photographer in Sacramento! Every picture was perfect and beautiful! You really do get what you pay for and Ruslan being our photographer was completely worth every dime! His pictures are one of a kind and he knows good spots where to take pictures! The quality in his pictures are incredible even when they are zoomed in! I recommend Ruslan to everyone you wont regret it! Thank you so much Ruslan for making our wedding pictures as perfect as they’ll ever be!

  8. by Nick & Natasha Tuchakov

    Ruslan Pakura is by far the best photographer we know! Our wedding pictures are AMAZING!!! He had our pictures ready sooner than expected…. plus the slideshow was excellent, I watch it more than I watch my wedding video. He did a great job. We would recommend him to anyone!!!

  9. by Angelina & Petya

    Руслан,огромное спасибо за фотки!
    Мы очень довольны!Результат потрясающий!Все комментарии только положительные. 😉
    очень приятно было с тобой работать т.к. ты очень веселый и простой и с огромным запасом идей в голове 🙂
    все гости остались довольными,а мы тем более!
    Благословений в дальнейшей работе 🙂
    Ангелина и Петя :))

  10. by Vladimir & Natalya Blyshchyk

    Ruslan did a very good job! We are very happy how the pictures turned out, Ruslan is a very professional and friendly, he makes sure to get the best shots that will last a lifetime. If you’re in search for a professional photographer, go with Ruslan hands down, you won’t regret it!

    Thanks again buddy, it was a privilege to have you as our photographer!

  11. by Pasha & Anna S

    Hire him!! Professional, flexible, funny, and creative!
    Ruslan, thank you for your hard work! We loved the pictures, they exceeded our expectations, and the slideshow was awesome too. We definitely recommend!!!! 🙂

  12. by Ivan & Nadia Lukovenko

    Our Unforgettable Day will forever be remembered with the wonderful photos that Ruslan has captured. Each photo is absolutely stunning and amazing! We had a wonderful time both at the ceremony and reception as well as the second day at Eldorado and Lake Tahoe. Ruslan is a great professional at what he does and has a great humorous personality. We simply adore each photograph and wish Ruslan and his family God’s abundant blessings! Thank you so much again!

  13. by Karolina

    Ivan Haroshka (one of the photographers) did an incredible job photographing my parent’s silver wedding anniversary! He has a wonderful gift of seeing how pictures will turn out before he even takes them. Very talented and enthusiastic person. The pictures were returned in a very reasonable time. Definitely recommend these guys! Great professionals that provide great value for your money! Once again, thank you for your service!

  14. by Vadim & Tanya

    There are no words to describe Ruslan’s talent and creativity!!! 🙄 We enjoyed every minute we have spent with him. He did our engagement photo session, our invitations, the actual wedding day and the 2nd day in San Francisco. Every single picture is so unique and just SOOO beautiful. The day we got our pictures, we kept viewing them over and over again! They turned out more then perfect!! can’t even express how much we love the photos. Ruslan is super fun, professional, talented, awesome, patient, passionate & enthusiastic. He made us feel so comfortable and it felt like we have known him for years and he was just our good friend taking pictures of us. 😉 We recommend him for any type of photo session. He is the best photographer in Sacramento – he proved that to us!! He will capture your love story in the best way possible!!! Please see yourself how AMAZING our pictures are:
    Thank you very much Ruslan for your excellent job! A++

  15. by Yuriy & Diana Popko

    Thanks to Ruslan! His work is professional and he is very fun to work with. We enjoyed having him for our wedding!

  16. by Vladimir&Tanya Kozak

    Руслан Спасибо огромное ! Фотографии превосходные и превзошли все наши ожидания! Твое сердечное отношение к нам то старание и профессионализм с которыми ты подходишь к каждой паре к каждой свадьбе помогает выявить именно то красивое вечное уникальное незыблемое и незабываемое что есть в каждой истории Любви созданной самим Богом!!’ Благословений, творческих успехов и побольше свадеб 😉

  17. by Matt & Lana

    Great pictures at a fair price. Good and funny guy, professional equipment. The best photographer in this aria! What else you need for good wedding photos?
    Thank you very much!
    PS: Батька одобряет 😉

  18. by Vitaliy and Vita

    You did a really great job! We loved your work and all the enthusiasm you had while taking our pictures. we’re sure to get back with you on our future family portraits we’ll need. We’ll most definitely recommend you to our family and friends. Thank You! 😀
    Sacramento, CA

  19. by Lena&Andrey

    More than happy with the pictures! Everything turned out awesome and was worth the wait! spasibo bol’shoe))

  20. by george inna rusu

    fotki otlichnnie
    podhodish k delu s chuvstvom ruslan
    Sacramento, CA

  21. by Oleg and Natasha

    Ruslan is great! My wife and I were very happy with the photos of our wedding. Ruslan has an uncanny ability to capture the emotion of the moment- his photos are full of life, never static and most importantly look great! I’ve never seen wedding photos receive so many compliments. Definitely using Ruslan again for my next wedding 😉
    San Francisco

  22. by Vlad & Liza

    Ruslan truly has a gift from God of making picture so perfect that even person looking at the picture getting all effects impression and memories from the past like it just happened. I would highly recommend Ruslan to anybody as professional photographer for any event in their lives. Ruslan, Thank you very much for making our day so special, bright, full of memories and good mood.You deserve good clientele!

  23. by Slavik & Svetlana

    This Guy has a gift from God. We are more then happy and satisfied with the quality work that Ruslan put into our special day.May god bless you your family and your partner. Keep up the good work. 🙂 🙂 🙂 A+++++++

  24. by [)!//@ & !||G@

    😆 Ruslan and his partner Ivan ARE the BEST of the Best, of the Best, of the Best photographers!!!! 😉
    Through all of my weddings, Ruslan & Ivan were perfect, at shooting pics of the original expressions!!! (plus excellent job on editing!!)
    SO!! My final grade for all of this 10+! (A+, 100%) 8) I mean, they were excellent!!
    I would gladly show Ruslan’s and Ivan’s work to any future customers! 😉
    If any other questions you can always contact them! 😀
    I recommend those photographers for your …… DAY 8)

  25. by Stepan & Anastasiya

    Ruslan thank you for your professional-quality pictures! It was fun having you as a photographer.You did an awesome job on our wedding pictures.We are happy that we found such a great person who knows his job!

  26. by Alex & Irina

    Super Job… Words cant Describe… A+ Recommend to Everyone.. Must See for Yourself. Sniguryak Wedding SlideShow Part 1 and Sniguryak Wedding SlideShow Part 2

  27. by Алла Орловская

    Руслан ,ты гений!!!!!!!!!

  28. by Dina B.

    Ruslan, thank you so much for the wonderful pictures!! I absolutely loved its quality and originality! It was so much fun doing photo shoot with you, and it is very obvious that you love your job and enjoy doing it. Wish you all the best. Blessings 😆

  29. by Roma & Natasha

    Hi Ruslan. Thank you SOOOOO much for everything you’ve done for us…first of all for your time and such a herd work. While watching you working we saw that you really love what you do and up for anything to get a great shot. We loved spending those great two days with you and see beautiful pictures later. And we are thinking of spending more time with you when we want professional pictures again. There is no one else we would consider to hire to do this job for us. Again that you very much. Keep doing what you’re doing and let everyone to see your great talent.
    God bless you and your family!!!!
    Portland, OR

  30. by Nadia Slavich

    Ruslan, you are a professional… I really like your pictures…Good Job!
    Sacramento CA

  31. by Artem & Lilia Nikitini

    Ruslan, thank you for making our wedding day memories so vivid, so “real”. Looking at the pictures you took, one just “drops into” these magnificent days. So many LIVE pictures done at the right time and place! You maintained perfect balance between set-up and live photos, just what we wanted. We appreciate you being so professional and creative, never yelled, never made us to create perfect conditions for you to shoot, instead working all around changing perspectives. One second standing, next you are in the different place kneeling or climbing onto something, trying to get this perfect angle.
    ooh, people gotta order your slide show!! It is only a hundred bucks more, but it can be viewed instead of a video! very creative, very smooth, easy to watch, every photo is professionally edited, i would say crafted, before it put into the clip, and there are sooo MANY pictures in the slideshow.
    overall, we LOVED your job! 😛 thanks a lot, we are coming back for our anniversary pictures, family portraits and when we’ll get a belly 🙂
    You truly make people happy, God Bless you and your family! 🙂
    Sacramento CA

  32. by Igor & Oksana Lazarevich

    Ruslan,thank u for ur work, u did really good job,all pictures r awesome. Our wedding day was unforgettable , u got this n put on picture,thank u so much for everything. God bless u and ur family 🙂

  33. by Vitaliy& Lina Pitsul

    Ruslan, thank you very much for your professional work. We appreciate that a lot and wish you the very best and luck in your career. God Bless You!

  34. by Vitalik & Veronica

    Thank you so much for your hard work we love our pictures you are the best photographer.

  35. by Andriy & Olga Boyko

    Thank you so much for your hard work at our wedding. We had a great time having u around we can all see that you know your work and how to use a camera and make pictures turn out awesome. Thank you again for the pictures we both LOVED them… May God Bless you in everything you do for others.

  36. by Nadia Haroshka

    Thank you so much for all the wonderfull photographs you’ve made for me. I deeply appreciate your work and time. You’ve filled my Sweet 16 with joyfull memory. May God bless you and give you success in your work! 🙂

  37. by Yura & Nadya Voytovi

    April 17, 2010 was our big day….and we could not have been more satisfied to have this individual be apart of a special moment in life. You only hear about people like him, but never get to meet them. Ruslan was just magnificent, in all areas of his job. Words cannot describe how great this man is with a camera. Very professional, on time and always a step ahead of what you are thinking. If we had a choice in between Ruslan and the best photographer in the world….no doubt in our minds, we would not hesitate to call Ruslan anytime. THANKS RUSLAN FOR THE AWESOME AND BEST PICTURES I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!!!!
    😆 😀 😆 😀 😀 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Sacramento, CA

  38. by семья Новик

    Руслан, огромное спасибо за красивую и профессиональную работу.
    Благословений тебе и успехов…
    You are the BEST!!!
    🙂 🙂 🙂
    Vancouver, WA

  39. by Oksana and Surge

    Our photographs are perfect! Despite the fact that my boys never sit still, Ruslan was still able to capture many beautiful moments. I would recommend him to anyone who needs family photos. Thank you so much!

  40. by Tolik & Vita

    Thank you so much for Beautifully Capturing our day and creating a lifetime of fantastic memories we can look at. We Love our pictures! Thank You So Much!!!

  41. by Yuliya

    It seems like there is one great picture after another – awesome and absolutly beautiful art work!

  42. by Bogdan & Vika

    Ruslan did a beautiful job with our invitation and wedding pictures. He is very professional, easy to work with and artistic. We are very satisfied with the way our photos turned out and his timely manner. We recommend him to anyone that is looking to capture their special moments.
    Sacramento, CA

  43. by Gonchar Family

    It’s stunning! Keep up the excellent work, Ruslan!
    It’s always a pleasure working with you. Be loved, be blessed because you are the best!
    Antelope, CA

  44. by PASHA & SOLOMIA

    Ruslan is the best photographer!!! 😉 He is always well prepared, on time and takes great pictures. He is a wonderful person to have as your photographer he always makes you smile 🙂 100/100 8)

  45. by Dina

    Дуже класно 😛

  46. by 12asus2000

    totaly awesome 😀

  47. by Olya

    I really like the images he made for us. His ideas are truly interesting and new. Ruslan is qualified photographer and works fast .Thank you! Good job! 🙂

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